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Sublime Wear USA has all you need for great looking jerseys, apparel, and promotional products. Check out any of our categories for more information.

Sublime Performance Wear

Sublime Performance Wear combines both comfort and style for active lifestyles.

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Fishing apparel perfect for anglers who want to catch an eye and look professional.

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Archery apparel perfect for shooters who want to aim high and look professional.

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eSports apparel perfect for gamers who want to smash the competition and look professional.

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Promotional Items

Promotional items to show off your brand and gain attention. Perfect for advertisement.

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MIssion Statement

MIssion Statement

Sublime Wear USA is here to engage and equip the outdoor community with cutting edge products in an explosive industry. We strive to provide a nurturing work environment which promotes attention to detail. From our vibrant colors and sharp graphics to outstanding customer service we provide a product that you will love and our employees are proud of.

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Quality Fabrics
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Sublime Order Stages


Sublime Wear USA will start your order by designing the apparel. We want to make sure that everything is correct, and will send you an email with your proof attached. Once you receive your proof, you can then tell us any changes you would like to the apparel, including rearrangement of any logos or artwork. A Design team member will then send your revision once complete. After you have reviewed your proof and find it acceptable, simply let us know it is ready to be sent to production.


After you have approved your order. The apparel is then sent to be printed for production. During this stage your order, along with many others, will be printed and pressed. Afterwards your order will move onto production.


Once printing of your apparel is complete, your order will then move onto production. During the production stage, the various pieces of your apparel are pressed, sorted, and then sewn together by our highly talented production department.


Once your order is completed. It will immediately be prepared for shipping the same day. Order tracking is included and sent to your email. We thank you for your patronage and know you will absolutely love your new, custom apparel.

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